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   As an experienced China manufacturer of optical fused quartz products, we can produce a wide range of fused quartz flame products. Our quartz ware can withstand high temperatures and are highly resistant to thermal shock.
Through forming, tempering, bending, laminating, bonding adhesion technology and curve generating, annealing and cleaning processing, we at ZCQ are able to make a great variety of custom-designed quartz products, such as:

Quartz Crucible (Low & Tall Form)

Quartz Beaker    (Low & Tall Form)

Quartz Funnel

Bubble   Quartz device



Quartz Bell Jar

Quartz Mould ylinder

Quartz Box (Cover)

Quartz Cuvette

Quartz Heater

Quartz Evaporator

Quartz Tube

Quartz Torch

Quartz Saddle

Quartz Tunnel

Quartz Distiller

Quartz    Diffusion Tubes

Quartz Tube Mill Exit

Quartz Rectifying Column

Quartz Saddle

Quartz Bracket

All Transparent Quartz Tube Gas Refining

Quartz Pan

Quartz Flask (Round Bottom. Flat)

Quartz Segregation Column

Quartz Volumetric Flask

Fine Quartz Jars (Taper. Neck)

Quartz Petri Dish

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