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Application: Quartz glass capillary rods are widely used as supporting glass capillary tubes for PLC Splitter, Wavelength Division Multiplexer (WDM), FiberOptic Sensor (FOS), optical fiber array substrate,fiber optic connectors in laser(wire glass tube), optoelectronics, optical communications industry. In addition,quartz capillary tubing is the essential component and required material of electronic, medical Treatment, and optical industry.

    General Specifications of ZCQ Quartz Capillaries Tubing and Rods:

* Outer Diameter: 0.5mm to 6mm

* Lengths: 0.5mm to 1240mm

* OD & ID Tolerance: 0.03mm and plus

Irregular shaped tubes tolerances:0.05mm and plus


1.320 to 60mm
1.3820 to 60mm
1.720 to 60mm
1.820 to 60mm
2.420 to 60mm
420 to 60mm

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